Once upon a time I had this really sweet thing.

Well, it wasn’t really mine….only borrowed….

but I loved it anyway.

Afraid I would lose it, I kept my hand closed too tightly around it,

and it grew dark.

And I let that darkness spread…

until that sweet thing that I loved grew into something cold.

And the cold froze my hand shut…keeping my sweet thing from ever seeing the sun.

From time to time I would remember what it was that made the thing so sweet.

I would lift one finger and look…

and it would shine like it used to.

If only for a second.

But my hand was so used to the cold by then that I didn’t know how to let it go.

And let it breathe.

And let it become whatever it was meant to become.

To grow, or to fly away.

I’ve built a fire now,

and my hand is opening up….

to let that sweet thing shine…and go…

where it will

where it must.


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